Third Act Encore

We are a fun and friendly community dedicated to helping people young at heart to share their stories and their legacy with a goal of inspiring and motivating others to embrace everything that life has to offer. We work together to perfect our craft, reach more people and share lessons learned.

1st & 3rd Tuesday’s from 7 pm - 9:00 pm EST

You Belong Here...

Third Act Encore is the perfect group for people who want to share their passions, purpose, and legacy. Register for a free class!

With Club Mentors

Pat Labez & Ronnie Tsunami


Aloha! We are both originally from Hawaii and now live on the East Coast in New York and North Carolina. We met over 50 years ago, because we are family – aunt and nephew. We share a passion for the performing arts, personal development and helping others to succeed. Bringing people and communities together is literally in our DNA – our family heritage, passion, and purpose.

We live aloha! In fact, the word “aloha” comes from two words – “alo” means to share, and “ha” means the breath of life. “Aloha” means to joyfully share the breath of life. We’ve continually strived to do this throughout our careers, from being a member of the US Air Force, to acting on TV shows and film, to being a full-time musician and singer, to building training and education programs implemented in thousands of academic institutions, to caring for family members with Alzheimer’s and Cancer. Along the way, we’ve met some truly amazing fellow travelers who have shared their journeys with us, which have in turn motivated and inspired us to continue being in service of others.

They say the “First Act” of life is when you learn the skills you need to navigate through life. Then you go through your “Second Act,” where you work to succeed in your career, earn and save money (all while having and raising children.) The “Third Act” of life is about the pursuit of wisdom, self-actualization, and leaving some kind of legacy. Now that we are both over age 50 and have grown up kids and grandkids, our individual journeys have merged and ultimately brought us here.

We co-founded the Third Act Encore Emerging Speakers training program to provide a platform for those ages 50+ to share their stories and wisdom with the hopes of motivating and inspiring others to pursue their dreams, embrace life, and never give up. We help our members to gain clarity about their message and share it in a way that resonates with more people in order to make the biggest impact – to leave a legacy.

If you want help in sharing your stories with others – to share the aloha - we invite you to join us in our fun, friendly and supportive community.

Pat Labez and Ronnie Tsunami