Love Stories

All of our stories are love stories, whether they are about a love that changed us (from a partner, family member, friend or mentor), the love we needed and wanted and didn’t receive and the lessons we learned as a result, the love we found for ourselves or the love we lost through death or divorce. These are all the moments that have shaped and impacted our lives in the biggest way. Love stories is about tapping into those powerful stories and creating a message and brand that has the ability to connect deeply to the hearts of all who listen, to heal and facilitate the healing of others through your story. 

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Navi Bliss

Certified Love and Relationship Coach, Speaker, and Host of the Blissful Love Podcast


Navi Bliss is a certified love and relationship coach, certified inspirational speaker and host of the blissful love podcast. She has also been featured and has a viral video on A Plus Media and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Growing up with a mother who was physically and emotionally abusive left Navi with a tattered sense of self and low self esteem. This sent her on a path of horrible, toxic and abusive relationships until she reached her breaking point in 2016 after walking away from a particularly difficult relationship. After going on a healing journey, Navi was able to flip the script on her own life and is now determined to help others to do the same.

As a coach, Navi’s mission in life is to help people fall head over heals in love with themselves so that they can effortlessly attract blissful love into their lives.

As a inspirational speaker Navi uses her own stories of overcoming childhood abuse and neglect, to inspire others that anything is possible and they too can overcome any obstacles in their way.

You can overcome your past heartbreaks and trauma, you can fall in love with yourself completely and learn to feel good in your skin everyday and you can have the most blissful magical relationship too and Navi can show you how!


You Belong Here If

You desire to build a brand that inspires and creates impact and that is so authentic to you it cannot be duplicated by anyone else, because it is based on your personal and unique story. You know that you have a powerful story and valuable insights you gained from your experiences, but need help tightening up your messaging so that it can have maximum reach. You are seeking gentle and heart centred support. You’re looking to connect with a community entrepreneurs, who have found the silver linings in their struggles and are on a mission to change the world with their message.