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Many people are afraid to share their voices with the world after experiencing sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse. The Emerging Speakers Empowering Voices Group inspires individuals to take back their power by speaking up, writing down, and sharing the truth about abuse. No more silence! This is your time to shine bright like a diamond in the rough.

It's an honor to have a sacred space where we can share resources for healing from sexual, physical, financial, spiritual abuse encouraging survivors who want to live their best life after surviving trauma.

2nd and 4th Wednesday from 7pm CST

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Queen GerVaise Guyton

Award-Winning #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Bronze International Public Speaker, CEO


Queen GerVaise Sarah Guyton is a Certified International Public Speaker, Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Author. She is best known for her #1 Best Selling book, “The Dirty Man: A Memoir of Healing and Deliverance from Sex Abuse both Naturally and Spiritually.” Queen GerVaise has liberated thousands of survivors from decades of mental torment. The passion for inspiring billions to live in freedom after surviving trauma is why she shares her story.


GerVaise has filmed the award-winning memoir into a documentary dubbed “How Do You Sleep at Night?” which exemplifies creativity at its best. Queen GerVaise applies her years of art therapy counseling, determination, and powerful healing journeys to provide the globe with original and engaging content. Her film will feature in numerous film festivals presently and in the future due to its timelessness.


Queen GerVaise featured in multiple sold-out events. Notably, a featured speaker for Dr. Cherry Wood and Les Brown “Possibilities Unlimited.” As a widower to her first king, their legacy continues in their little king. Inspired by his mom, the little king launched his first business eight years young. GerVaise is globally empowering survivors to eradicate the bondage of embarrassment, guilt, and shame to live in peace on purpose.