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#1. Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur, coach, author, or speaker who is interested in making a difference in the world?

#2. Do you have any desire to make an impact or inspire with your voice and story?

#3. Would you be interested in learning how to use speaking and video to build your personal brand and create momentum in your life?

If you answered YES then we invite you to join us for a powerful class where you will get to explore your message to the world and discover how you can make money and create momentum with Speaking. 

You'll have a fun evening of impromptu speaking, storytelling exercises and incredible guest speakers. Connect with our community and decide if this is a good fit for you.


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*Our classes are held on zoom. Cameras on please. We'd love to introduce you and we invite you to participate in the in-class exercises. I promise you're gonna leave inspired!

We provide foundational training on what it takes to be an Inspirational Speaker and Storyteller as well as invaluable tools such as personal brand building, speaker marketing, and paid speaking insights.

Every Speaker is on their own journey.  We will help you reach your speaking goals whether you want to build your personal brand, become a paid speaker or make impact with your voice. 

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